Stand guard your system with anti-spam software

When you get your mail there is a specific folder especially to have all those spam emails saved, most of us do not give any kind of importance to it and tend to delete them out rightly. There are some possibilities that these spam emails have malwares and virus which could attack your system. Apart from this fact your information is vulnerable and can be accessed by the hackers as well through the spam emails as well. It is the time that you have started to act upon it and use software to keep the trouble at bay and information intact with strong safety.


Preventing from spam

Though there are many ways to detect and filter spam from entering into our mail, many sites similar to DNS blacklists has the list of spammers, hackers and zombie spammers. These can be collected by honeypot like Zuket technology to trap the spam emails from unauthorized users.

There are many practical ways to detect and prevent spam from affecting the system and those methods are quite time-consuming. Avoidance of sharing mail addresses to unknown persons address munging, and rejection of spam mail response are some of the ways of preventing the system from spam.


An overview of anti-spam

Anti-spam is a service provided by the developers to block and reduce the risk of receiving the email from illegal senders and the main idea is to block the spam at the ISP level itself. Latest technology evolves with the use of many filters,

Content filtering inspects in the body and subject of any mail to check for any malicious keywords regarding spam. The hackers are now clear enough to alter the keywords and spread the spam concurrently. Then there evolved a statistical approach to eradicate spam by using Bayesian filters and even that method gone in vain after few years because it uses the probability to detect spam. Usage of anti-spam software is the need of the hour to reduce the network outage duration and to preserve the system data by protecting from spam threats and malware.


Spam AI makes an impact in safety and security

After a long research in technology, the anti-spam filter software was developed by various companies and the SPAM AI is leading the market with state of art technology. This software mainly bridges the gap between software technology and protection of security protection needed by the customer using Snoota. This is not a premium product and it does not involve any complex procedures to use on your computer. This can work along with webmail services like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Mozilla Thunderbird and also with the popular browser like Yahoo, Google, Opera and Microsoft Hotmail.

Our software is designed in such a way to provide the user with ultimate protection and it mainly focuses on detection, elimination at entry level and protection of data in the organization. With the growth in technology, spam also has witnessed a massive development like directly affecting the system using virus by intervening through the mail.

Advancements in anti-spamming

Though one might have high-end antivirus software, preventing the virus to enter the system is more needed than the eradication of the same. So, it is necessary to install anti-spam filter software like Spam AI to safeguard your value system and the data. The cutting-edge technology of today is cloud services and Spam AI takes a step forward to prevent the system from using cloud-based filtering approach to delete the spam at the initial level.