Features of SpamAI

The main reason for going to the anti-spam filter is to get rid of the junk and spam emails as most of the users find it troublesome to scan all the messages in the inbox for spam or malware. All these problems can be given an end by using the Spam AI and then you can secure the system with full protection. The main features of this software are regulating whitelists and blacklists, using content filters, auto spam detection.

All the spam come in the form of mail to the customers to hack their personal data, infecting the system with a virus and the significant cause is to market the product. Is it something crazy? Now it is to check your mail and note the fact that most of the spam is sent in the factor of marketing.

The optimal feature about our product is hardware free as it does not require any kind of installation. All needs of the client regarding spam and secured usage of can be accomplished by our single software. The filtering algorithms used in our product not only help to detect the spam but also helps in monitoring from multiple accounts. A creamy feature of our service is to block some executable mails that cause damage to the system.